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piphone 1967 E230T w/case Sold
Epiphone LP Standard  Honeyburst Plain Top Sold

ESP/LTD Viper 256 STBC 199
ESP E-II FR-7 Black
ESP LTD M-II Elite Amber Cherry SB  Japan Sold

Fender Telecaster 2002/2003 Sunburst Sold
Fender Telecaster 2016/2017 Black w/ Lollar Pickups Upgrade Sold                
Fender 2015 American Special Telecaster Blonde w/ Tweed Case Sold
Fender 2017/18 Limited Edition Professional Tele Rosewood Neck Sold        
Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Journeyman Stratocaster w/c Sold
Fender 2001 Fender CS SRV Stratocaster w/c Sold
Fender 2005 Limited Edition Custom Shop Mary Kay 8999
Showcased at the 2005 Namm Show Contact us for more details

G&L 1986 Broadcaster w/Original case BC00373 3500
G&L Legacy HB-2 Custom Black Satin Frost, Ebony, #3 Wide C Sold
G&L Legacy HSS Hardtail Flame Maple Top Honeyburst Sold
G&L HB2 Custom Mahogsny Satin Frost Sold
G&L Fallout Sunburst Sold
G&L Solemente Lightweight Empress Body 2-tone Sunburst Empress Sold
G&L 2019 Custom Shop HH RMC Buckeye Top Blackburst Sold
G&L 20Th Anniversary ASAT #30 of 50 1799
G&L F-100 1980 Original Case #8000597 1599
G&L S-500 Leo Fender Signature Blonde w/c G028941 1599
G&L Leo Fender Commemorative ASAT #222 4999

Gibson LP Studio Faded Cherry Sold
Gibson 2015 SG Standard Cherry Sold
Gibson ES 335 Dot Satin Cherry Sold
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top P-90 Custom Sold
Gibson 1998 Les Paul Standard CSB w/case 2499
Gibson 1996 Les Paul Classic
CSB w/case 2299

5420T Clear Orange Sold

Heritage 1999 Eagle Classic Sold
Heritage 2013 H-150 OSB Sold

Ibanez S520 399.99
RG3727FZ-BH Sold
Ibanez RG350DX EMG Pickups Upgrade Black w/c 369
RG470M 299
Ibanez TM303M TSB

Jackson SL7Q Pro Series Soloist 7 String 699
Jackson PS-4 Blue 349
n 2009 RR3 Japan Black

Parker Fly Concert 1998 Sold
Peavey Raptor Plus Cherry Sunburst Sold

PRS 408 Sunburst w/c Pattern Thin Neck Sold
PRS SE Mark Holcumb Sold
PRS  ST4 Trans Blue 399

Rickenbacker 330 JG Black Sold

Schecter Omen Extreme 7 Sold
Schecter 2018 Hellraiser C1 Trans Black Sold
Schecter Black Jack SLSC-1 Sustainiac w/b 549

Yamaha 1981SBG500  Made in Japan
Yamaha SC300T w/original Gig Bag Sold

All of our pre-owned instruments are set-up/detailed in our shop and ready to play!
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