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Reverb Customer 2020:
Great guitar, good deal, fast shipping. Couldn't have been a better experience. Thanks!

Reverb Customer 2020;
Fast shipping, fast communication and transaction. Beautiful guitar, as described.

Reverb Customer 2020:
My order, placed August 31, arrived on September 3 in the early afternoon. It was packed well and arrived in excellent shape. No flaws in the product. My new G&L Legacy Limited Edition has exactly what I want, including the natural satin finish on the neck (glad of that; don't much go for the ersatz-vintage yellow stain on some guitar necks). It has the sound I need for an upcoming recording project. Thanks for your promptness and cordiality

Joe, just wanted to let you know I received the Flaxwood in good order, and absolutely love it.  Even the tremolo is wonderful, which was a nice surprise.  Anyway, thanks for all of your help in making it happen. 

Posted on Facebook
8.8 lbs with a ton of aggression & some vintage warm thats easy to dial in.
Way more sparkle in person! Plays like a dream. Sounded fantastic through a GK MB800 & GK NEO 115 stack. More tonal variety than a Fender\Lakland P but totally customizable for the same price? Total score! Thanks again  Performance Music Center, you guys rock!
Mike Ron his new G&L LB-100 Tangernine Metallic Bass.

To: Performance Music Center
Hey, I just wanted to say you did a fantastic job on my Allen Woody bass! It sounds great!
Thank you very much,
Fred L

THANKS A BUNCH. THIS GUITAR IS F'N HAWWWWWWWWWWWT Seriously its sooo nice, plays great, perfect floyd rose, you packed it excellent, I'll tell everyone how good you guys are,
Thanks again,
Matt B.

Subject: New Telecaster
Hi Joe,
It's Tim, I bought a deluxe Tele from you on a snowy Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. I just wanted to write to tell you how much I love it. Matt and I haven't had a chance to record with it yet, but I know it's going to sound amazing. I also wanted to say how much of an impression both of my visits to Performance Music have made. Matt and I came in there almost a year ago, casually beginning the search for a Tele. The difference between your place and the big, awful places was marked. I appreciated being treated with respect, and I appreciated your calm integrity and knowledge. In particular, I appreciated how quiet it was in the store. I can't tell you how many times I've struggled to hear an instrument or amp in the big stores that have seven different radio stations blaring, etc... I decided that, when I did have the money for a new guitar, I would buy it from you. I was delighted to be able to finally fulfill that promise and throw some business your way. I will take every opportunity to recommend Performance Music whenever the situation arises. So thanks for doing things right. Hopefully, I'll see you again sometime.
Take care, Tim

From Harmony Central;
Can you buy a perfectly made guitar in this day of pump em out really fast and charge em up the wazoo for it ? Yes , you can...this guitar is perfect...tight neck pocket, perfect finish, hardware operates smoothly and perfectly,frets are perfect, everything is as good as it can be. The guitar was set up with 9's right out of the box and it played great however I like 10's and higher. This is why you go to a Fender Master Dealer to buy a guitar. I went to this place in Woburn ,MA. called  Performance Music Center and they treated me like a king. I was so impressed by the service. The owner a nice man named Joe took the time to really explain everything about the guitar, the manufacturing of it, he set it up while I waited there with my strings , he made sure that I was a happy camper all around. I felt great buying that guitar and he gave me a great price too!!! I would have to say it was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had buying an instrument. I feel like I got more then a guitar, I feel like a got a dealer behind me too or something like that..If your going to buy a strat like this I would call this guy up because he really treated me very well.

Subject: Thank you!!
I recently purchased a DeArmond Jet-Star guitar from you, and I'm just writing to tell you what a pleasure it was to deal with you. I was searching for the model and just came across your website via a google search. I was hesitant to purchase a guitar from a music store I knew nothing about (I live in Pennsylvania), but I called and talked to Saytu (sorry if I spelled his name wrong) and he was incredibly nice and knowledgeable and cheerfully answered all of my questions. I called a few days later and talked to another gentleman who was also great. I gave them my info and the guitar was sent out the next day. I got the UPS tracking number and the guitar got to me very quickly. I was a little nervous about having a set-neck guitar shipped to me without a case, but the packing job is the best I've ever seen (I've sold guitars on ebay and consider myself a real overpacker, but this job was just flawless). The guitar seemed to be in new condition (even though it was used) and it seems like it was given a setup before it left your shop (this is on a $259 guitar! I got such a deal!) This is the best experience I've ever had buying a guitar! I'm used to dealing with the larger chains and I wasn't used to such incredible friendly service! Even though I didn't spend very much on the guitar, I felt like I was given first class customer treatment. I just wanted to say thank you very much. You guys run a great operation, and I really appreciate it. I hope to do business with you again in the future.Sincerely,Evan

Subject: Thanks again!
Hi guys! Just spent most of the day playing my new Guild Bluesbird - great guitar! Clearly a well built, solid guitar, the flamed body is beautiful, and most importantly the sound is awesome! I will back in a few months for a tune-up, but right now I'm just going to play it as much as possible. I just wanted to thank you again for your help - you have a great store there. I never would have known it if I had not been looking for a Guild.
Thanks, Jeff

Subject: Guitar Tune-Up - Attn Paul
Hi Paul, When I receive really great service, I go out of my way to recognize really doesn't happen much now a days.
You did a great job on my strat. It feels and sound brand new. You also took the time to answer my always. Great job. When people ask me where to go for instruments, my first choice is performance music center. Thanks, Tom

To: Performance Music Center Subject: Thanks...
Hi Joe - just letting you know the bass is awesome. Once I had a chance to settle down and play it for a while I couldn't put it away. Terrific build quality and neck - absolutely no hand fatigue after hours of playing despite some residual wrist issues from my drumming years. Beautiful, clear and classic sound and surprisingly quiet as J-type basses go.
Thanks to you and the PMC folks and please let G&L know of an exceedingly fine job. Will see you soon as needs arise. Michael

Subject: thanks
Hi. I kinetically emailed about an ASAT Special, you responded, I came up to the store, and walked out a very happy man with a very sweet guitar.   The ASAT Classic I got looked and sounded pretty enough, even my wife was impressed.  And I was equally impressed with the attention and service I got at your store- I most likely would not have bought a guitar, except for the excellent service- the guy making the sale worked hard to get me the guitar I wanted.  I've recommended you to several people, and I'm looking forward to doing business with you again.   Just keep stockin
g them Hamers and G&L's!
Another very satisfied customer here,-Rick

From Rick B.
Originally posted on the FDP.
I got a black one with maple board a couple of months ago. I couldn't be happier with it. I got mine (and my '51 Nocaster Relic) from Joe at Performance Music Center in Woburn, MA.  Joe and Paul are by far the best that I have had the pleasure to deal with over the years. They will get you exactly what you want and treat you great at all times. They go the extra mile for you and it makes a huge difference and really sets them apart. I highly recommend giving them a call or an email.

The Robin Trower Tribute Strat arrived safe and sound. Everything is A+...going to set it up tonight or tomorrow.
A pleasure doing business with you guys!!Keep my # in case you get another Custom Shop Jeff Beck model in.
Thanks so much,

Hi Joe,
Thanks for hosting the Will Ray clinic.  I really enjoyed it.
Thanks again,

Subject: RE: Nocaster
Thought I'd drop you a line & give a field report:  Finally got to gig w/ the updated Nocaster on Saturday night -- Sweet mother
of all that is good - I am in awe of this thing. I used it for our entire 3+hour gig, it never went out of tune, could do anything, sounded fantastic,and just kicked rear-end. Without a doubt, the bridge pup is the meanestmonster I've heard ever. The entire guitar does whatever is needed - Youwant chimey clean? Done! you want huge overdriven tones? No problem! Dig in,play light, strum, rip, anything. It does it ALL! Its a keeper :) And the VibroVerb didn't even break a sweat while cranking our music for the whole night. Just tremendous. The whole rig from guitar to amp is just spectacular!! Well done, Fender, and a big thanks to PMC. Happy 4th! Mike
To our Friends,

 On behalf of my sons and I, we would like to thank you for, absolutely, the greatest service and attention in helping us with our purchases. It has been a pleasurable experience doing business with PMC and I hope we will be doing more in the future.
Performance Music Center is one of the best music stores I have come across in these parts of New England. I have found the staff knowledgeable, courteous and fun to work with. Even PMC's pricing is outstanding. I have recommended PMC to some friends and I hope they come see you. Procuring the Hamer Ultimate for me was absolutely amazing in getting it in such a short period of time.
Regards,Mike, David & Jon C.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I finally rec'd my CS guitar & am very pleased with it.  Plays nice & feels good.  Have already gigged with it twice & it works quite well for what I need.  Thanks  for excellent  customer service!

Subject: my new Hamer
Joe & Co (all of you),
My new Monaco Elite really defies expectations.  I didn't know it was a 24.75" scale, I've never had one of those before, but my hands really like it.  And the setup is first-rate, as was the setup you did on my Start a few months ago, and the other guitars I bought from you.  I'm gonna miss you guys when we move to New Mexico altho I am sure I will be back to visit on my monthly trips to Boston.
-rick t

Hey Joe,   
Got the bass!!! It looks awesome, cant wait to plug her in an let rip. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning... Many thanks for your kind help. WILL KEEP IN TOUCH...

From: Matt B Subject: Ashdown - Touring 330
Hi Joe,Just wanted to say thanks for giving me such a great deal on the new amp.
I couldn't be happier with the selection.  It sounds and looks awesome. Thanks again. Matt B.

Hi Joe,
 I was in yesterday (Friday) and snagged a Secret Freq from you.  Sounds terrific here at home.  Cranking it through a little 5w single channel Gibson amp and it's just a flat out blast to play.
Hope to try out a PlimSoul within the next few months as well.
- Steve

From: Roger S
To: Performance Music Center
 This guitar SINGS!!! The fit and finish are phenomenal, but the sound is where it really shines- don't even have to plug it in to tell how good it is. I'm totally happy with this instrument and with the excellent customer service from Performance Music Center. Thanks again.

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