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USA Custom Guitars Made in Fullerton, California Since 1980

ASAT Deluxe. Natural Gloss. Light Tint Satin #1A Maple Neck.  Solid Ash Body. G&L DFS Fulcrum Tremolo. Rear Body and Front Arm Contours.

ASAT Special. Old Style Sunburst. Rosewood fingerboard. Empress Body 6.8lbs.  Liight Tint Satin Neck.  G&L Dual-Fulcrum® vibrato

ASAT Special. Himalayan Blue. RW *OLS "Original Leo Spec Body" Depth

ASAT Special. Ruby Red Metallic. * OLS "Original Leo Spec Body" Depth

ASAT Z3.  Spanish Copper. Ash Body .Wood Binding. Rear Contour .G&L DFS Fulcrum Tremolo. Matching painted headstock. Graph Tech Nut. Quarter Sawn. Deep V Neck Profile 12" Radius.  Ebony Fretboard. 3 Ply Black Pickguard. Locking Tuners.  Sold

ASAT Classic Alnico. Blonde.  #2 maple neck. Single ply black pickguard

ASAT Classic Bluesboy. Black.  #2 maple neck. White body binding. Rear body contour.  Clear gloss  Quarter Sawn neck.

ASAT Classic-T        Thinline Pilot Run Limited

Comanche. Semi-Hollow. Vintage Natural. Satin Frost. Rosewood Fingerboard. Light Tint Satin Neck.

Legacy. Shoreline Gold. #1A Maple Neck

Legacy. Sunburst. Maple fingerboard. White PG knobs and covers

Legacy Deluxe. Lemon Drop. Quartersawn Maple #2b clear gloss neck

Legacy 35th Anniversay

Legacy HB        Emerald Green, HSS, Light Tint Satin, Empress

Legacy. Fiesta Red. Special Run Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish RW

Legacy H2 Custom Black Frost RW Ebony Blk Hdstk

Legacy H2 Custom Cherry Sunburst, Quilted Maple Top Sold

Legacy H2 Custom  White Empress #1a  Maple Neck Sold

Legacy H2 Custom Mahogany Satin #1a Ebony Fretboard Sold

Legacy H2 Custom Fullerton Red Empress #1a  Maple Neck

S-500 Gloss Black MP QS 3PB  LTSN

Solamente. 2 Tone Sunburst. Vintage Gloss #1 Neck Empress Body 6.6lbs

G&L Premium Dealer Since 1987
Tribute Series
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